Boodles Club is a collection of 5,555 hand-drawn NFT's held on the Polygon network.
Minted Boodles will only be revealed at the end of each day!


Boodles Club is a collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 5,555 randomly assembled Boodles, picked from a pool of over 500,000 possible outcomes. Boodles Club come with a unique variation of bodies, faces, and hats. Each Boodle is randomly generated & provably unique.

Why should I get a Boodle?

Besides bragging rights, you will be able to grow and build the community with us. 10% of all sale proceeds will be automatically sent to a community safe. This will be returned to our holders in the form of contests, raffles, and more. Your Boodle will give you a voice in the community, and will allow you to help steer the direction of the project.

We’re in, how much?

Boodles are priced at a flat 0.006 ETH ( 11 MATIC )  

What does
the future hold?

Boodles Club is not just another PFP project. We have the team and infrastructure to build a flourishing Boodles Club ecosystem – filled with utility, function, interaction, and rewards! The owners will decide the future direction, and which utility we tackle next.

Mouth Hero

Roadmap 1.2

Stage 1

1K Matic will be given away to early community members, as well as to those who participate in contests on Twitter and Discord, and for creating memes and other art with their Boodles.

Stage 2

Merch release, merch will be available for the public along with exclusive benefits for community and it’s members

Stage 3

The boodles Club will be making 2% fiat donation toward 4 non-profit organizations and 2% towards our community.

Stage 4

4k Matic will be raffled off to our holders once 100% of the Boodles is sold.


NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”.

These tokens are unique and cannot be replaced for something else. They are one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs only purpose is to exist as artwork, others offer additional utility like exclusive access to gated sections of websites & Discord servers, or participation in an event. We like to think of NFTs as a collectable piece of art that doubles as a “members only” access key.

Metamask is a web3 cryptocurrency wallet where you can store Matic. It is required to purchase and mint Boodles Club. Having a wallet gives you a unique Matic address (i.e. 0x1234…ABCD), this is where your NFT will be sent upon successful purchase.

Metamask also doubles as a gate function.

Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use here

Your Boodles Club NFT will be sent to the wallet you connected / purchased from. It will be viewable on our website and official OpenSea collection.

Come hang out with us in Discord, we are always available to answer your questions, and hear your ideas.


You are free to do whatever you want with your NFT under a non-exclusive license.

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